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Something between an amble and a stroll. It would be very atmospheric in an old Western movie. Here and now, it made the New Yorker in her cringe as she fought the urge to sprint—or at least power walk—to their destination. When they finally reached the elevators and were out of earshot of the clerk, she turned to glance at Tucker. He frowned down at her from beneath his ever-present cowboy hat. It was so obvious. We could just as easily be two weary travelers looking for a place to rest on a long journey. She, on the other hand, was not.

Best to leave it alone and cut their losses. Back to Book Page. The hostess seated them at a back table, also good for privacy, and handed them menus. Two needs dominated Tucker when he glanced over the menu at Becca, looking adorable across the table—food and sex.

Becca folded her menu and laid it on the table. Love it. Get it near every time I come here. Hickory smoked and deep fried with melted cheddar on top and a side of steak fries. She finally relinquished her hold on the menu. Is that a fact? And now he had a raging hard-on from talking about fried bologna sandwiches. Though not really, because somewhere along the way, this conversation had taken a severe left turn. As he kissed her silly, he backed her into the apartment, kicking the door shut behind him.

That proved so distracting she had to struggle to maintain her train of thought. A tingle ran down her spine, even as she pulled back. Bologna sandwiches got you turned on? At this rate, they could both waste away to nothing, because sex with Tucker was much more enticing than food. He lifted her as if she weighed nothing and set her on the kitchen island. With a near feral growl he bit her neck while his hands settled on her thighs.

The answer was more than obvious when he pushed the hem of her sundress up her legs. She leaned back. Oh, my God. You might like it. This did seem dangerous, all right. She was pretty high up, sitting there on the island. One wrong move and she could fall off, break a tailbone or something. Slips and falls in the shower were a very real danger. How would she have explained that in the emergency room?

And I was very disappointed in that. Usually James's books are great romance wise so to not get that in this one was such a let down. Weirdly, the best chemistry I felt in the book was between Kyle and Hank's sister, Celia. Those two set off sparks and I hope James puts those two together. Plus, the way Kyle faded away at the end was weird. All through the book you get the sense that he really wants her and cares about her then it's like a switch flips and he wanders off. It seemed really strange.

I also thought the book lacked some focus storyline-wise aside from the Who-wins-Lainie's-heart competition. It kinda wanders in ten different directions. From Lainie's job issues, her family issues, Hank's family issues, Hank's possible move to another rodeo circuit, Kyle's comeback from an injury, Lainie almost being assaulted and maybe some other stuff, it just felt like the story lacked a solid direction. And yeah, all I've done is criticize. I feel bad about that since I love James's books On the good side, despite it's issues, the book was still very readable. James writes smoothly, with nice detail sometimes too much in this one.

The sex is hot and inventive. And hey, it's about cowboys, can't go wrong with that!

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I just wish the book had been more romantic. But I'm not giving up on the series. I think it was just the storyline of this one book that didn't work for me, and not James' direction as an author. I'm still looking forward to reading more about the "Blacktop Cowboys. Mar 26, Jacqueline rated it really liked it. This really was terribly rude. Lainie has been casually horizontally dating two cowboys for a couple of months. Neither knows about the other and they compete in different rodeo circuits. Hank is dependable,protective, alpha but a little too missionary in bed.

Kyle meanwhile fulfils her wilder, kinkier side, while also being an alpha cowboy. It turns out though that Hank and Kyle are childhood buddies, so when they realise they've been sharing her time, they decide to carry on sharin This really was terribly rude. It turns out though that Hank and Kyle are childhood buddies, so when they realise they've been sharing her time, they decide to carry on sharing her, especially when she refuses to choose between them. I cannot lie, the menage smut in this is smoking hot as both cowboys compete with one another to win her affection through the power of their wieners.

They both talk dirty and there are lots of scenes detailing their ripped bodies bucking away on bulls and tipping their stetsons and just being hot cowboys which would've been entertaining enough, but we also get their affection for one another and the banter is witty and lively.

There are lots of mf and mmf smut scenes but no mm action. I did wonder how this could end well as I liked all of the characters and part of me didn't want Lainie to choose between them either, but actually, the story ended well and it felt right. There was lots going on in this, it wasn't just about which cowboy to saddle up with;all three of them had decisions to make about their future career and life that had no easy solution.

In spite of all of the erotic, kinky smut, this was actually quite a thought-provoking story that had some melancholy moments to balance the lighter moments. This is the first in the series and a complete story in itself, with the others in the series featuring different characters. If you love reading about cowboys and menage you'll enjoy this. Just give me a minute OK, I just finished this book in the last 15 minutes.

I really wasn't sure what to expect. I read and enjoyed the Rough Rider series, but I've read enough to know that a well-loved and prolific author can't always deliver fully, to the reader's satisfaction, and I was expecting to be let down with the Blacktop Cowboy series, so I delayed reading the series, until now. I know James is a talented writer, but I admit to being jaded. Blessedly, thankfully, wr wow. This was storytelling was spectacular- as good as, if not better, than the Rough Riders series.

And there's lots of storytelling in this book, with details about this wild and remote countryside, the lifestyle of the competitive rodeo, and more. At times it is as if you are on the roadtrip with the main characters. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? But Ray really has the hots for owner and not his wife. He gets his chance to have sex with the rancher when the owner come home from Denver drunk and hopped up on designer drugs.

The will orgy that follows is hot and nasty and changes everyone involved. This is another sexy, nasty story by the master of nasty, dirty sex, Peter de Sade. Read more Read less. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. View all 7 comments. Emma left her life in New York where she loved her job and she thought she loved her former boss Love the guy, hate the name I really liked both Emma and Shep I found the chemistry between them real and they seemed so perfect for one another So dang hot and so dang good!

This book is everything it promises and then some. With a dirty-talking hot, muscular, sexy-ass cowboy at your fingertips, who needs a stuffy executive from New York City? I love this book. Stacy Kennedy writes from the heart and she has a passion for her stories that comes through in amazing ways. The delicate balance of the right amount of heat and passion, the expert detail and creation of her characters, and the understanding of what makes a beautiful story flow perfectly is evident in this book.

Dirty-Talking Cowboy is a Delicious experience that you need in your life. Let's just say, Oh My! He can light me up anytime! Kennedy, how long will it be till we get to the other brothers??? A man who she has been secretly dating for a year. A man who didn't stick up for her when rumors abound. On top of her career crashing around her, her Grams passes away and leaves the farm in Colorado to her. Emma's not quite ready to go back and face the music with her job, she stays at the farm temporarily until she decides what to do next and takin Emma's reputation has been tarnished with her job as an Executive Creative Director in New York City when a co-worker witness her kissing the CEO.

Emma's not quite ready to go back and face the music with her job, she stays at the farm temporarily until she decides what to do next and taking on a part time bar-tending job at the Kinky Spurs bar. This is where Emma meets Shep. Shep is pure intense Alpha who captures her attention from the moment he walks into the bar. Still fresh with hurt from the last guy, she's determined to ignore the intense attraction between these two. Despite issues of his own, Shep won't let her ignore him. I was so excited to see that Stacey Kennedy has a new series coming out.

I have pretty much loved everything of hers I've read. Dirty-Talking Cowboy is one of those books that was good but for me I had a hard time with Emma's character and I think that squelched some of my enjoyment from the story. I loved everything else about this book. It's great writing, great side characters and I loved Shep's intensity. There was absolutely no pushing away from Shep and he was so patient with Emma. He really made for a great Hero. I think the brothers stories are going to have a bit more angst due to who I think they will paired with. ARC provided by NetGalley.

View all 3 comments. May 05, Jennifer rated it really liked it. ARC received for review Dirty-talking cowboy who knows how to use a rope is just perfect for Emma who's been hurt and come home to lick her wounds. Shep steps in and shows her what real love is. Shep's hurting after losing his father and possible his father's business, but it's Emma's turn to help him.

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I'm pretty sure I know who both of his brothers are going to wind up with. I just can't wait to watch the fireworks. Jun 19, Debbie Oliphant rated it liked it. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I have to admit that this story surprised me. I thought this might be one note and I worried that I would not be engaged. This was a story that flowed from the beginning and had a continuous flow that left you wanting more. Emma moves to her grandma's home after she learns she has passed away.

The timing was perfect since she had recently broken up with her boyfriend. While nursing a broken heart, she meets her neighbor, Shep, and I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

While nursing a broken heart, she meets her neighbor, Shep, and he's got eyes on her. While nursing a broken heart, she meets her neighbor, Shep, and he's got eyes on her. Emma is injured while trying to care for a horse on her farm. She discovers her and makes it his mission to get her back to health. She is beginning to have feelings for him as they spend more time together and is terrified of losing her heart to him since her broken heart is on the mend. Shep is also balancing his feelings for Emma and the current status of his family ranch. He has some big decision s to make that will have a huge impact on his future.

I liked this story and am looking forward to the next installment, the first book introduced us to many characters with enough interest to want more. Apr 27, 1-Click Addict Support Group rated it really liked it.


After Emma's nightmare comes true she goes to live at her grandmother's house to try to sort out what her next move should be. In walks the sexy as sin cowboy-Shep- and the attraction they both have is HOT!!! Emma suffers an accident and Shep's with her throughout the whole ordeal and I've gotta say that she had me laughing because she says her secrets and thoughts out loud and Shep finds out s After Emma's nightmare comes true she goes to live at her grandmother's house to try to sort out what her next move should be.

Bone Thugs N Harmony - Crossroads

Emma suffers an accident and Shep's with her throughout the whole ordeal and I've gotta say that she had me laughing because she says her secrets and thoughts out loud and Shep finds out some juicy things. These two were perfect for each other and I couldn't get enough of them. A sweet read with the right amount of sexiness and sass! Jun 07, Michelle rated it liked it Shelves: insta-love , cowboys-are-yummy , quickie , eye-rolling-was-involved , she-annoyed-the-hell-out-of-me.

Jun 02, Sissy's Romance Book Review rated it it was amazing Shelves: read , arc-netgalley , 5-star , contemporary , series , trt , arc-author-publisher , first-book-in-a-series. This is the story of Emma Monroe and Shep Blackshaw. Emma has come to River Rock, Colorado to settle things after her Grandmother's death but she also has things she need to work through of what happen to her in NY and what is next for her.

While doing that she has taken a job working at the Kinky Spurs which is where she meets Shep. Shep to is working on things trying too, by trying to save the family business, Blackshaw Cattle Company. Shep doesn't have time for anything else but they can't seem to fight their attraction. They give into their attraction but is soon there headed to something much stronger. Enjoyed their story and can't wait for more book in this series!

Apr 25, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , swerve , netgalley , st-martins-press , june , cowboy , kindle , own , romance. The sexy and hard to resist cowboy from the ranch next door, Shep, rescues Emma from being dragged by a severly abused horse. Shep vows to keep Emma safe, even if it means getting up close and personal with not just to Emma but the abused horse.

Sultry and sexy all wrapped up in an amazing heart felt romance! Martin's Press - Swerve. This is my honest and voluntary review. Dirty-Talking Cowboy is set for publication June 5, You could reasonable expect someone who drops the F bomb every other, but instead, Shep Blackshaw is an upstanding guy with a strong sense of responsibility, a ton of patience and the dirty talking is designed to increase his lady's arousal.

In this case, his lady is Emma Monroe, who was badly burned in her last relationship and fled a rewarding career in New York City to take over her grandmother's farm where s 4. In this case, his lady is Emma Monroe, who was badly burned in her last relationship and fled a rewarding career in New York City to take over her grandmother's farm where she rescue's abused animals. Shep and Emma are drawn to each other but she turns him down-until he begins helping her with an abused horse that has injured her. The relationship builds quickly in spite of the fact that Shep and his brothers are faced with a major dilemma involving their father's business and Emma isn't certain she wants to stay away from NYC.

Then Emma's past throws a monkey wrench into the works. Can these two make a relationship work?

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Both Emma and Shep are strong, compelling characters and their romance is heart-warming. Overall, this was a really good book, with some really hot sex scenes, characters that you care about, and an easy to follow plot. May 24, Kiki rated it it was ok Shelves: hero-was-surprisingly-ok , arc-netgalley , heroine-not-likable , om-drama , i-just-cant-connect , heroine-is-on-rebound. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Even though I have specifically requested for this book, I did not particularly enjoy it. I was not a huge fan of the heroine. As you can see I struggled to finish it by the dates! This book had enough issues to create angst without the added drama. If the heroine could consider going back to her ex, then her love for hero loses its credibility. Realistic, yes. Romantic, hardly. I also hated how the hero involved himself with dealing with the ex.

Blacktop Cowboys Novel Series

That was stepping over the line. He really overstepped his boundaries there. She was not his property, she is a grown adult, and she can and should deal with her own problems, including her ex. This was a well written book. ARC kindly provided by Netgalley. Hurt and disillusioned, Emma has been healing a broken heart in the country. On the brink of bankruptcy and with the real possibility of losing everything their father built, the brothers are scrambling to figure out a way to save the last link to their family legacy, without losing their own dreams along the way.

With everything feeling so out of control, Emma feels like a safe harbor for him, with her he can be himself. Hands down a great MC. He was sweet and understanding and not only hot with a sexy bit of kink thrown in, he was a genuinely awesome guy. I loved him. I loved the way he was with his mom, with his brothers, with Bentley, Emma, and even the easy friendships he had with Megan and Harper.

History of the American Cowboy |

He was definitely an alpha and provider. Emma was sweet and a little wary at the strong pull she feels towards Shep. I definitely felt for her and her situation. Although not ideal, her emotional turmoil did fit her character. But it ultimately gets 2nd place after that scorching hot fence scene, it was brimming with sexual tension and their chemistry was tangible. His eyes narrowed, his voice going low, seductively serious. She spun around in a second, more than ready for what came next. Would I recommend? All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Neither are virgins. Cheating : None. He does make an appearance, trying to win her back and this causes some friction between the MCs. Instead she waffles back and forth between her life in the city. Mostly because Shep never doubted his feelings for Emma or her importance to him, that her indecisiveness rubbed me the wrong way. Separation :None. Main Pursuer of relationship :Shep. Jun 05, Francoise rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , reads , small-town-romance.

Sexy and rugged blended perfectly with sweet and romantic. Emma is a city girl through and through. She had a high-profiled job and lived in New York. To move on after a failed relationship, there is no better plan than picturesque River Rock and the hobby farm she has inherited from her grandmother. The hero, Shep Blackwell, was a very sexy and alpha cowboy who had a very romantic streak 4 Stars Stacey Kennedy has written a refreshing story that has a lot of heart and the perfect amount of heat. The hero, Shep Blackwell, was a very sexy and alpha cowboy who had a very romantic streak that made this book sigh worthy!

Stacey Kennedy always brings out the sexiness in her characters. I also loved how Shep was there for Emma to help her with learning the ropes of running a farm that was also a sanctuary for abused animals. The two of them together were off the charts hot. They were truly the perfect complement to each other.

They both wanted to explore what was between them. Their chemistry felt genuine and while the plot was predictable the characters made it enjoyable. Both Emma and Shep were developed as well rounded individuals, with good and bad traits. The dialogue was fun, playful and emotional.

Packed with small town life, interesting characters, great family dynamics, real life issues and tender romance, this book is a great start to a new series. I can't wait for more! ARC generously provided by the publisher, via NetGalley. A sassy, sexy read! I enjoyed the story, setting, and characters in this erotic contemporary western! Can they find a way to take their attraction to the next level? A Must Read for fans of sexy cowboys note the title - "Dirty-Talking"! Jun 07, Carvanz rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , push-and-pull , mild-angst , alpha , male-pov , part-of-series-but-stands-alone , cowboys , safety-hmm , lite-bdsm.

She has a lot of healing to do to get beyond the broken trust her ex left her with. She was not expecting to get tied up by a cowboy at Kinky Spurs. Shep was hot to rope Emma in from the first time he saw her. When the opportunity presents itself, he grabs the reins and holds on. I loved the way Shep stepped up to help Emma when she was in a little over her head. He has had his own heart broken and he is so patient and kind while he waits for Emma to find her way to him. This is very well written and deeper than I originally expected it to be. While there is plenty of humor, at the core of this story is the love of family and learning to rebuild trust within yourself.

This is my first book by this author and I am looking forward to reading more from her. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by NetGalley and St. Martin's Press. Shelves: meet-greet-challenge-round , goodreads-year-in-review , zbook-wars , genre-romance-erotic-erotica , not-available-for-loaning , arcs-read2review-completed , genre-romance-contemporary , zbooks-i-read-for-a-challenge , zammp-badge-lover-challenge.

Emma and Shep are both going through not only a deep loss but a life changing event and loosing themselves in one another seems to be just what the doctor ordered to heal their hearts. May 24, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: , alpha-hotness , book-boyfriends. Well wasn't this a gem. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Stacey Kennedy can write a great story with some hot sex! I am so excited about this series.

I wish I had Noah and Chase's stories now! Three hot cowboy brothers Why this is a 4 star and not higher: view spoiler [The timeline between the ex and the H on the heroine's part. I got it to an extent, but I think it went on for too long. Apr 18, Carrie Ryan rated it it was amazing. Loved this hero!

Oct 14, Tzelina rated it it was amazing. First time for a book of Stacey Kennedy and surely won't be the last!! Indeed Shep was a dirty talking cowboy with an Alpha male attitude but with a heart made of gold!!! On the other hand Emma had a broken heart with trust issues!! The connection between them from the start is undeniable and you can feel it while you are reading. I loved it Excellent read!! Apr 12, Dirty Dayna rated it liked it.

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I discovered this author this year due to being blessed with an arc for which released in Feb of this year and I thought well this is an author I would read again.. This story is about Shep and Emma. Our two main characters are actually set up a bit differently than most books!!! So both of our characters have moved "temporarily" to River Rock, Colorado to take care of family matters. Both of our characters have the mindset that they will put their ducks in a row and move back to where they came from.

I will drool over him until the cows come home. He is the epitome of cowboy and alpha male. I am about some kink but I couldn't relate it to Shep. I learned a long time ago that's what gets me off. Kinky play is my type of foreplay. I like to push the boundaries of sex to intensify the high until we explode together When we come ,it's together.