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Wood and Furniture Type No. Type details 34 Wood 35 Container or wares made by bamboo, rattan, straw, reed, and water hyacinth 36 Products from wood or cork 37 House wares or interior materials from wood, glass, rubber or other metal.

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Paper and Printing Type No. Type details 38 Paper of fiber production 39 Production of container made by all types of paper or fibreboard 40 Fiber, paper or cardboard 41 Printing, production of document file, book stapling, covering or metal mold. Fertilizer, Paint, and Chemicals Type No. Type details 42 Chemicals 43 Fertilizer or pesticide 45 Paint, lacquer, and shellac 48 Chemical products.

Rubber, Plastic, and Leatherette Type No. Type details 27 Products except knitting or woven 44 Resin or synthetic fiber 51 Repair or retreading for tire or inner tube for automobile 52 Rubber products 53 Plastic products. Medicine and Cosmetic Type No. Type details 46 Medical supply 47 Soup and cosmetic. Oil and Energy Type No. Type details 49 Petroleum refinery 50 Petroleum products, coal, and lignite 88 Generation, transmission or distribution of electrical power 89 Gas production except natural gas, transmission or distribution Stream transmission or distribution Liquid or gas as heat carrier.

Glass, Mirror, and Pottery Type No. Type details 54 Production of glass, fiber glass or glass product 55 Porcelain enamel, earthenware or pottery. Type details 3 Crushed stone, gravel, sand or soil for construction 56 Brick production, tile or pipe for production of crucible ornamental tile 57 Cement, Lime or plaster 58 Non-metal products. Steel and Steel Products Type No.

Type details 59 Smelting, melting, casting, rolling, pulling or manufacturing of metal products or primary steel 60 Smelting, mixing, purifying, melting, casting, rolling, pulling or primary metal products except metal or steel 61 Manufacturing, modification or repairing of metal or steel tools or wares 62 Manufacturing, modification or repairing of metal furniture or interior materials 63 Metal products for construction or installation 64 Metal products.

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  • Engine, Machine, and Parts Type No. Type details 65 Manufacturing, assembly, modification or repairing of engine, turbine, and equipment 66 Manufacturing, assembly, modification or repairing of machines for farming or animal feeding and equipment 67 Machines, parts or equipment for metal or wood fabrication 68 Manufacturing, assembly, modification or repairing of machines for paper, chemical, food, knitting and printing industry 70 Manufacturing, assembly, modification or repairing of pump, compressor, air blower 71 Manufacturing, assembly, modification or repairing of machines or products as indicated in the category 70th, that only uses electricity.

    Type details 69 Manufacturing, assembly, modification or repairing of calculator, accounting machine, machine for punch cards, digital or analog or electronic computers for data management 72 Receiver, TV receiver, transmitter or recorder, CD player, dictation recorder, tape recorder, player or video recorder 73 Manufacturing, assembly, modification of equipment or electrical equipment not presented in other categories and components 74 Electrical equipment 81 Tools and equipment or scientific instrument or medical instrument 82 Manufacturing of tools or equipment related to eyes, lens, optical equipment or copier with photography 83 Manufacturing or assembly of watch, timer, watch is parts or timer 94 Repairing of electrical tools or household or personal electrical equipment CD Factory.

    Automobile and Transportation Type No. Type details 75 Ship 76 Train, electrical tram or electrical cable car 77 Automobile or trailer 78 Motorcycle, tricycle or bicycle 79 Aircraft or hovercraft 80 Manufacturing, assembly, modification or repairing of wheeled vehicle powered by human or animal that is not a bicycle and includes their parts or equipment 95 Manufacturing, assembly, modification or repairing of wheeled vehicle powered by engine, trailer, tricycle, bicycle or their parts.

    Gems Type No. Type details 84 Gold, silver, precious stone or jewelry 92 Repairing of watch, timer, or jewelry made by gold, silver, platinum, precious stones, swordfish or jewels. Type details 85 Manufacturing or assembly of musical instrument and their parts 86 Manufacturing or assembly of equipment for sport, exercise, billiards, bowling, fishing and their parts 87 Players, tools, or equipment not presented in other categories.

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    Environment Type No. Type details Overall modification of waste property Separation or landfill of wastes Uses of unused industrial products or industrial wastes as raw materials or new products after recycling process. Others Type No. Type details 91 Packaging without manufacturing 92 Cool room 97 Repairing of product not presented in other categories 98 Laundry, dry cleaning, laundering, ironing, or dyeing for cloth, carpet, or animal wool 99 Manufacturing, assembly, modification or changing the specification of gun, bullet, dynamite, or weapons that have a power to kill or destroy or be ineffective similar with guns Finishing or change the specification of products or parts of product without manufacturing Salt.

    Details Links Relavant Laws Forms. The industrial entrepreneur and the commercial entrepreneur would be granted with benefits and rights in bringing alien including:.

    The Kingdom Handbook

    The number of the aliens to be permitted and their period of residence in the Kingdom shall be at the discretion of the Board even exceeding the number or period permitted under the law on immigration Section 45 of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Act B. Subject to the law on working of aliens, if otherwise is not prescribed herein; an alien who is a skilled worker or an expert permitted to have residence in the Kingdom under section 45 shall be permitted to work in particular position as approved by the Board through the period as he or she is permitted to have residence in the Kingdom under Section 46 of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Act B.

    The submission of application for permission to allow the alien skilled craftsman, expert and their family to live and work in the Kingdom can be divided as follows:. Relavant Laws. Full version Thai summary English summary. List of Forms Form.

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    Drinking water, non-alcoholic beverage, soft drink or mineral water. Fermenting, carving, baking, mashing, blenching, scrubbing and finishing, compressed embossing or coated leather. Combing, blenching, color blenching, scrubbing and finishing of animal wool. Please be sure to memorize it or write it in a safe place.


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