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Jack Gibbons is a fast-rising detective at Scotland Yard. This case takes place in Yorkshire over the Christmas holidays.

Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man - Mysteries + Lyrics

Gibbons is in York to check out a murder that might be the work of the serial killer known as Ashdon. Gibbons and Bethancourt take up residence in the Bethancourt York town house and set to work to solve the second case.

A Spider on the Stairs: what a tangled web… – The British Weekly

It soon becomes clear that the key to the murder might lie in the mysterious past of the free-spirited victim. The detectives, one professional and one amateur, are smart, likable, and decent men with a real knack for solving crimes. Both friends are cheered by the prospect of a juicy murder. But his inside knowledge is of little avail. Chan beefs up the mystery while retaining the Golden Age feel to produce her best work to date.

The Young Widow

Phillip Bethancourt, an amateur sleuth and Jack's friend, is spending the holidays with his family in Yorkshire, and his acquaintance with several of the locals connected to the murder increases his usefulness to the police. Her inclusion of humor and her well-drawn characters make Chan a good choice for readers of Martha Grimes.

Hoping to dodge his inquisitive family's questions about his turbulent personal life, Phillip jumps at the chance to help his Scotland Yard friend, Det.

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Jack Gibbons, when Jack travels north to investigate a murder possibly committed by the notorious Ashdon killer. While a possibly accidental mix of sleeping pills and whiskey did Charlie in, his body having been moved to the fireside where it was found raises suspicions.

Book Log #12: Trick of the Mind, by Cassandra Chan

A surfeit of sleuths, including one of Jack's police superiors and Phillip's bumbling host, muddles the evidence gathering. Amid the red herrings, the author provides enough fair-play clues for the discerning reader to discover the culprit.

A Spider on the Stairs. The Young Widow. Cassandra Chan shows her mastery of the traditional English mystery in this second charming novel to feature the investigative duo of Gibbons and Bethancourt, a modern-day Peter Wimsey.

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Om Village Affairs Ambitious Scotland Yard detective Sergeant Jack Gibbons hears about his latest casethe death of a middle-aged widower in Chipping Chedding, a small town in the English Cotswoldsand can't believe his good luck. ARKs anbefalinger. Det finnes ingen vurderinger av dette produktet.